2019-04-01 On This Day In History

His Light Shines

I learned something today. As you all know, it’s April Fool’s Day. I try pranking people from time to time. Sometimes it works, but mostly it doesn’t. I did learn something today about the origin of this day that I didn’t know before. It actually started with a bill passed in the US Congress in 1903 when a clever couple of Irish representatives passed a spending bill to fund a study for gas-less cabbage. Of course, they meant it for a joke, but it passed both houses and made it to the President’s desk. Apparently, Herbert Hoover wasn’t to be fooled. He was a man who loved cabbage and all that went with it!

Now you know the rest of the story!

There was another “deceiver” in the bible – Jacob. In fact, his name, from what I’m told, means just that! As we see in scripture, Jacob indeed earned…

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