The 7 Heavenly Virtues: Kindness

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7 Heavenly Virtues Kindness

A few weeks ago, we talked about patience. I shared at that time that my wife has this theory that you need to be careful when you pray for patience. She is convinced that the SECOND you do that…God will provide you with LOTS of opportunity to test your patience! I find that to be ALL too true!

Well, it dawns on me that the same mentality that applies THERE also applies HERE, to our topic for the day. Does this ever happen to you? You say, either in your head or out loud, “Good golly- I can’t STAND being around that person! They just drive me absolutely CRAZY!” And seemingly within MINUTES, “that person” will be RIGHT THERE! You then will have repeated opportunities to be around that person- it seems the more you dislike them the more they will be placed in your path!

There was a person…

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