Liar, Lunatic or Lord?: C.S. Lewis Vs. Joy Behar

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C.S. Lewis was a prolific writer- 67 books and countless articles and other publications. He often wrote about, either overtly or covertly, Christian themes. For example, the main protagonist in his The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe series, Aslan the lion, is a pretty clear, unveiled nod to Jesus Christ. 

One of the pieces he wrote was what theologians call an “apologetic” about Who Jesus is. And despite the word “apologetic”, the exercise has no intention of actually apologizing for anything. An apologetic is, in fact, an explanation and defense of something. So, a Christian apologetic is an explanation and defense of Jesus.  

In Lewis’ apologetic of Jesus, he offers up what is called a trilemma- a choice among three options, each of which is, in some way, difficult to accept. And his three options deal with Who Jesus is. In a nutshell, Lewis argues that He is either A. a liar, B. a lunatic or C. The Lord. In other words, if Jesus was…

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