2018-03-30 This Is No Joke.

So glad to read this on Good Friday.

His Light Shines

Good Morning!

I tell you, my Puritan devotional is really good! I’m not going to reprint today’s, but I will talk about it. It had to do with Peter. You may recall how Peter fell asleep in the Garden. Well, he wasn’t the only one. All of them did.

It was quite a night for that crew. They had the Lord’s supper. Jesus sent Peter and John to prepare for the Passover. Remember that? Jesus sent them to look for a guy carrying a jar of water. They were to follow him to the place. Guess what? That is exactly what happened. No big deal, I suppose, because Jesus once told Peter to catch a fish that would have tax money in its mouth. Remember that? At that meal, Jesus wouldn’t eat because he would soon suffer. He would be betrayed. He told Peter that Satan would sift him like…

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