Bibliotherapy: Good Books for Recovering People

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Recovering people need different things at different times in their recovery. For the first year or two, efforts are directed toward learning to stay clean, and clearing the wreckage from the past. Most recovering people must spend a great deal of time, energy, and attention on these tasks during the first year or two of recovery.

After mastering these essential tasks, recovering people often ask, “What’s next?”  They can experience what I call a mid-recovery-life crisis. Some people go through it after a few years, and some after ten or more. It’s sometimes described as a yearning for something deeper. For some, it means work on relationships – with other people, with one’s Higher Power, and with one’s self. For others, it means finding renewed meaning and purpose in life.  Many people find answers to their mid- recovery-life questions in the twelve steps, of course, but outside sources can also…

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